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Marriage and Autism: What You Need To Know

A child suffering from autism brings new challenges in a family, like dividing chores and time spent with the autistic child as well as with the others, explaining this condition to children and friends and so on. Learn how to deal with this situation in your family and tie the family bonds even more.


Marriage and Autism with Dr. Robert Naseef covers effect of autism on the family, strengthening and maintaining your  marriage.

In this web-based conference call, Ernest Priestly discusses the effects which raising

autistic children can have on marriages and other domestic relationships. The speaker,

Dr. Robert Naseef, offers expert advice to listeners, discussing how to strengthen and

maintain a marriage or relationship where an autistic child is involved, dealing with

the attitudes of family members and friends, explaining disabilities to children

themselves, and choosing the best course of treatment for your child.

Speaker: Dr. Robert Naseef

Dr. Robert Naseef
Dr. Robert Naseef

Dr. Robert Naseef has practiced for over 18 years as a psychologist and as a consultant to numerous schools and human service organizations. He is a graduate of Temple University. He specializes in families of children with disabilities and has published several articles on the subject, including the book Special Children, Challenged Parents: The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child With a Disability.  He also answers questions for readers of and co-edited Voices from the Spectrum (2006) with Dr. Ariel.  Dr. Naseef presents locally and nationally on issues related to family life with special needs and has a special interest in the psychology of men.

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