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Social Thinking

Kari Palmer Social Thinking
Kari Palmer


Date: Wednesday, September 28th

Time: 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

What is the difference between teaching social skills and social thinking? This webinar will explore the answer to this question and why it is not enough to simply teach “social skills” to our students with near normal to way above normal verbal intelligence. Michelle Garcia Winner’s work in Social Thinking ® ( will be used as a framework for learning.



Kari Palmer, M.A., CCC-SLP, has worked for and trained directly with Michelle Garcia
Winner in San Jose, CA. At the clinic, her diverse caseload included preschool aged
children to young adults, all with varying levels of social cognitive challenges. Before
working with Michelle, Kari was a speech language pathologist in the public schools.
Kari now lives in Minnesota where she owns a private practice and works as a Social
Thinking ® consultant in local school districts. She is a peer reviewer for the American
Speech Language Hearing Association’s (ASHA) continuing education programs. As a
part of the Social Thinking ® Training Collaborative, Kari presents workshops on topics
related to Social Thinking ® to audiences year round.