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Educational Therapies for Autism

Behavior analysis, speech training and social inclusion are probably the most popular types of therapies for autistic individuals. Explore them further and discover new adjuvant therapies that can bring improvements in the autistic’s condition. Pet therapy, occupational therapy, art, music and yoga can increase the capabilities of an autistic child or individual.

Speaker: Dr. Joann Lang, PHD

Dr. Joann Lang
Dr. Joann Lang


Educational Therapies with Dr. Mary Joann Lang covers applied behavior analysis, speech therapy assistive technology, art, music, pet therapy.

Different therapies used in the educational setting are discussed in this webinar including applied behavior analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training. Assistive technology, home-schooling, curriculum, self-stimulatory behaviors, the importance of sibling groups, the need for respite for the parents are also explored. Other therapies such as pet therapy, yoga, music therapy, art therapy, and hippo-therapy are discussed as helpful adjuncts to a more traditional education.

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