Breakthrough Strategies for Parents

Breakthrough Strategies For Parents

Speaker: Raun Kaufman


Raun K. Kaufman will provide concrete, bold strategies you can implement now for your child’s immediate gain. With humour and inspiration, he will recount his own story of recovery and outline some crucial yet often-overlooked aspects of autism and its treatment. His lecture focuses on some innovative, outside-the-box techniques you can use today to help your child: move beyond stimming (without you stopping or discouraging your child’s behaviour), learn new skills (without you having to push or pressure), and, most especially, to form meaningful, caring relationships with others.

Raun K. Kaufman is the Director of Global Education and former CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America(TM). In his work with families, children, and professionals from around the world, he brings a distinctive qualification to the realm of autism treatment–his own personal history.

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