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Casein and Gluten Free Diets

Diet has a great influence upon the human body. A simple change in an autism sufferer’s nutrition can lead to significant improvements on the long run. Learn how to cook healthy, tasty, casein and gluten free meals that will offer them lots of benefits in the future.


Casein and Gluten Free Diet with Betsy Hicks covers the benefits of diets for  children with autism, healthy eating, recipes.

In this webinar , Betsy Hicks discusses the many aspects of the casein and gluten free diet, healthy eating, gluten-free flours, healthy oils to cook with, buying organic meat directly from farmers, casein free milks, how the diets help children on the spectrum, how to find the healthy products to cook with, where to find easy and appetizing recipes.

Speaker: Betsy Hicks

Betsy Hicks
Betsy Hicks

Betsy Hicks, is the Co-Founder Pathways Medical & Holistic Centers located in Wisconsin. Betsy Hicks is hailed as one of the most innovative teachers on achieving whole body wellness through diet and nutrition. Author, radio host and video anchor, she serves as Pathways diet counselor, public education coordinator and oversees the practices’ day-to-day operations. As the mother of a son with autism, she also speaks nationally on holistic interventions for children with disabilities.  Betsy specializes in overcoming “picky eating” and finding creative and practical techniques for inspiring children and adults to enjoy a variety of foods.

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