Inclusion and Socialization in School and Community


Inclusion and Socialization in School and Community with Rick Clemens covers inclusion of children with autism, social development, recreation.

This webinar, discusses the technique of inclusion, where children with autism are included in normal educational and social environments instead of being segregated into special education classrooms. Rick Clemens, discusses various techniques for including children, specifically how to optimize your child’s social and academic development in a balanced, effective way. Issues such as extending knowledge of disabilities to schools, clubs, teachers and community figures are also covered.

Speaker: Rick Clemens

Rick Clemens
Rick Clemens

Rick Clemens is the director of the Inclusive Education and Community Parternship (IECP), an agency primarily  based in California. ICEP  supports children with autism in inclusive settings. ICEP’s mission is to support schools, families, and community agencies in providing full access to life’s experiences for individuals with disabilities. This includes making friends, playing, accessing school and community, learning, loving, being loved, and living life to the fullest. Rick has worked in various settings including schools, after school and summer programs, homes, work programs and social programs which support individuals with disabilities. Throughout his

Career, he has been committed and active in the integration, inclusion and socialization of the individuals  he has worked with.

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