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Autism and Insurance: What You Need to Know

The daily expenses of your autistic child/adult cost more than you can afford? Then turn to your insurance company for help! Find out what are the rules and regulations for autism in your state, how to deal with denials, how to access insurance for autistic and what covers such insurance from Lorri Unumb.


Autism and Insurance with Lori Unumb covers Ryan’s law, insurance coverage for autism in different states, how to appeal denials.

In this  webinar, moderator and autism author Chantal Sicile-Kira discusses the issues surrounding autism  and insurance companies with speaker  Lorri Unumb. Lori  drafted a groundbreaking bill, “Ryan’s Law”which  allowed greater access to insurance for  autistic children. Issues such as types of coverage, how to make claims, how to appeal denials and how to change.

Speaker:  Lorri Unumb

Lorri Unumb

Lorri Unumb, is an attorney and  the mother of a seven year old son with autism whose name is Ryan. She graduated from the  University of South Carolina School of Law in 1993. She also attended USC  for undergraduate work, graduating Phi Beta Kappa.  At present, Lorri serves as senior policy advisor in council with  the autism advocacy organization, Autism Speaks. For her work on Ryan’s law, South  Carolina’s groundbreaking autism insurance mandate, Lorri won the Jefferson Award for  public service, the Autism Speaks 2008 Advocacy award, the Autism Society of America’s  2008 parents of the year award – with her husband – the Rotary Service Above Self award, the  Behavior Analyst’s Certification Board’s Hemmingway award, and the Spencer Volunteer  award from South Carolina Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities.

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