Virtual Autism Conference

We’re Planning Something Big

We are planning our first ever “virtual” autism conference. Mark your calendars for April 10-11th. Please send us your comments on what topics you want to hear about and also tell a friend.

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when a 10yr old child with PDD states that his brain isn’t working and becomes aware that he is different than other children, how do you guide him thru this awareness and transition??

My five year old grandson is considered to be on the milder side of the autism spectrum. However, can you please let me know of studies or research on autistic children being bigger, size and weight and even stronger than normal neurological chidren. I believe I read a Canadian study, but can’t find it anymore.

Please discuss adult/adolescent sexuality, making friends, need for post-secondary independent living centers, housing options for adults, self advocacy, how to teach them to verbalize their difference

the similarities / differences between a PDD diagnosis and a diagnosis of Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I feel like I have a fairly high-functioning autistic kiddo without much of the social deficits

1)Appropriate social skills (how to make friends,etc)
2)behavioral interventions
3)understanding and programs for increasing abstract thinking
4)being educated in a general ed. classroom

My son has PDD NOS and does not like to read or write, He is ten years old and in the fourth grade. He loves watching the history channel, discovery channel, animal planet and the news. He is a bright child but does not want to read or write. Is there any way I can get him interested in learning to read and write?

My son is diagnosed with PDD-NOS, but is not autistic. The doctor labled him with this because he mostly parallels this and we needed a diagnosis for support. What makes PDD-NOS different?
Also…he loves to read and write, but hates most anything else. I can’t get him to stop watching show’s such as Blues Clues. He’s 10 and in 4th grade. Help.

I am only a grandmother and have interaction with my grandson, 16 years old, diagnosed with autism, aspergers, and Williams. He is having trouble learning how to read, but he seems to have many, many facts memorized and always ready to divulge them. How can I help him to read, other than just practice with him?

My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and he’s very smart but his verbal language is very limited. He is very aggressive with his younger sister and very strong willed. How do I show him this is not acceptable and get him to listen.

Can you please elaborate on the possible career choices that might be better suited for someone on the high end of the spectrum. Also, are there any career assessments that would be tailored to one with HFA because self assessment and self awareness is something that is “VERY SUBJECTIVE” when done on their own analysis, Thanx in Advance. Look forward for many more of these webinars since we are often home with our children

Exactly what Sherri mentioned: appropriate social skill(how to make friends and play with peers etc)
behavioral interventions, undestnding and programs for increasing abstrct thinking, having autism and being educated in an integrated class k-12

My five year old moderately autistic boy is realizing he is different. He is asking why I should be working with the therapist? Telling his aid at kendergarten to go help the others and leave him alone. I would like to know what should we do in such situation and how to explain his differences ?

my son is 8 and still having trouble going to’s hard to get him to want to go to school or leave him at school. every morning i fight with him to get him to class.he hasn’t been diagnosed, just some suggested him having (high pdd or asperger) not sure yet. after i run out the class the teacher says he does fine. because to look at him, he looks normal.

My son is 6 yrs old, just starting to say more than one word. What is your opinion on hyperberic oxygen therapy? Has anyone tried this? At our last visit with our DAN doctor he recommended this.

I would like to learn more about insurance paying for some of ABA therapy and I am interested in learning more about Auditory Intagration Therapy.
I would also like to learn more about how to teach my son social skills

This is PHENOMENAL! Would love to have some new/addtional information about supplements – omega-3, focus/concentration, enzymes, etc. – what is known to work, studies, etc. as puberty occurs and getting through the teen years. My daughter is 9, and although we are already doing these things with success, we are coming up to puberty and I need some more guidance. Also, can we pass this information on to others that are not members? I know quite a few people that would greatly benefit from attending? Thank you for all you do!

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