Save The Date 2012

Registration Starts Tomorrow

2012 Online Autism Conference and Expo

See you online Monday, April 9th – Sunday, April 15th

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22 thoughts on “Save The Date 2012”

  1. Yes you can. YOu can use the small email button at the bottom of the video or share it with your Facebook friends with the like button. Or can you use the url on this page and post it to Facebook. If you use twitter just use the tweet logo.

  2. Our Conference is an online conference from April 9th-April 15th. We will be sending out detailed schedule this week. This announcement was to have people mark their calendars.

  3. I work at a school for special needs students (many with autisim).I will share this info.Thanks

  4. Is there any leagues available for our children to participate in, my daughter is 13 yr and loves sports, very shy but would love to join any teams basketball, valley etc. thank you Linda

  5. I look forward to thwe webinar. There are always new things to learn, no one knows everything, so sometime we need to just listen and learn. So thank you for inviting me to your webinar.

  6. Although I am in Croatia, Europe I hope I will be able to join you too….
    Wht time zone are you in , I need to calculate when I have to log in
    Thanks for the invite…

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