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Comparing Intervention Approaches for Children with Autism

Learn which the most indicated interventions for children with autism are. Compare the interventions available nowadays, their price and their effectiveness and choose the ones which will be more suitable for your autistic child. Dr. Stephen Shore will help you discover interventions and compare them.

Dr. Stephen Shore

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Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time: 6PM

Topic: Comparing Intervention Approaches for Children with Autism:  A View from Inside the Autism Spectrum with Dr. Stephen Shore.

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Shore

Stephen shares personal experiences on the autism spectrum as well as comparing promising interventions for for children on the autism spectrum with the goal of matching best practice to the needs of those with autism.

6 replies on “Comparing Intervention Approaches for Children with Autism”

My granddaughter tested at boarder line Austim.
She goes to theraphy everyday.
she may be starting kinder next year and we want to get her a Shadow so there is someone to watch over her.How do we go about finding this person?
Is there any help with the cost for one?
Thank you Kathy Wilkie

I have had luck treating my son with many different types of interventions including the GFCF Diet, surgery for a Chiari 1 malformation, yeast treatment

Therapy wise, our most luck was with video modeling and then we used our ABA time to generalize what was learned through video modeling. Now social skills training is what we are working with and I find it to be helpful. With social skills, I think that modeling the skills and then actually experiencing them is the most important. For that reason, my son is involved in many after school activities that require his interaction with typical children.

I am a Life Skills Special Education, teacher working with a 14 year male Autism student. He has limited communication skills speaks in 3 words sentences. He is able to read at the 3rd grade level with 30 wpm with no indication of comprehension. He enjoys math can do adding, subtraction and multiplication. The questions I have:

1. How to teach the student to be more independent while he does a task?
2. How to teach the student abstract ideas or thinking skills and is this possible?
3. Should we just go right into teaching vocational skills?

We’re grandparents/guardian of our grandson, 21, with high-function autisum/PDD with OCD. Urinates same area on carpets/ stares at length at food, standing in same place staring, etc. What can we help him with. Medications do not work for him; he is on natural herbs, and supps.
Thank you for any suggestions.

“A DIAGNOSIS is only a label that is used to HELP.

Embrace it, it is only a snapshot in time. It can/probably will change. Know that the diagnosis
can change…just as your child changes…so use the support system to your advantage, but exceed it. Go beyond it…don’t let it
be the end.”

Author Helen C. Hipp, M.A.
Certified Personal Life Coach and Psychotherapist

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I would like to see interventions that including , Successful Strategies for living with Autism included in a discussion of fighting autism as thought it were an enemy . In other words lets stop fighting to change our kids and focus more attention on acceptance and planing the best future possible for us and them .

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