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19 replies on “Contact Us”

Hattie, thanks for writing we might have an aspergers webinar coming up for our conference. I will be finalizing the final roster and hopefully we can get someone to address this issue in a webinar.

Hi Ernest and all,
Will the recordings be avaliable to listen to from the website for any period of time? The presentations are overnight here in Oz and I don’t think I can stay awake 🙁 I know I can buy the transcripts like I have before but it’s not the same as hearing the presentations.

Yes they are. You can view them whenever you get to them. The live presentations are Saturday and Sunday our time. I will leave them up for 2 days after the conference.

sadly I want to scream then cry after reading your website. children today are subject to so much then people question, oh why is my child having problems? one size does not fit all, and farmers know you don’t handle all crops the same. all chickens are not the same, and a different farmer reslts like a diiferent jockey can get different results.

Will there be continueing education for occupational therapists who attend this conference (ATOA)? Would it be possible to get a recording of the conference? I work with 3 other occupational therapists and some of them are not available to attend on the specified days. Would it be possible to get a recording of the conference? Thank you.

The dates on the website for today’s and tomorrow’s conference are reversed! Today is Saturday, April 13 and tomorrow is Sunday, April 14 !! 🙂

Please send me my certificate of attendance for the Saturday and Sunday conference thank you .

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