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Preparing For Transition to Adulthood

The transition out of school district services to adult services is a challenge for both the young adults and the parents. This presentation, based on Chantal and Jeremy Sicile-Kira’s book A Full Life with Autism, explains how parents and educators can best prepare themselves and their young adult for this important life change. Topics discussed include how to assist the young adult in creating a self-determined life and finding work based on their abilities, goals and interests.

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Social Entrepreneurism in the Community

How a group of parents were able to tap social entrepreneurs to create an organization to employ 40 individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Autism, Independence and the Law

Nathan is a lawyer who will cover the basics of special needs in regards to finances, marriage, credit cards, and other financial and residential issues for adults on the spectrum.

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Building a Support Community for Interdependence and Growth

How to build a strategy for Interdependence and Growth. More...

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Autistry Studios - building a working ASD community

Janet Lawson and Dan Swearingen, founders of Autistry Studios and the parents of an autistic teenager will discuss their journey creating a program to support ASD individuals. Over the last 6 years they have grown their therapeutic pre-vocational program from 4 students to over 50 students. They have created a new approach they call Project-Based Therapy and have also launched the Autistry Model Employment Program. They will talk about the many lessons they have learned, the methods and interventions that have worked, and those that haven't worked.

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Transition it starts early and is an ongoing process

This presentation will introduce Social Security Work Incentives, options available to maintain healthcare while working (Medicare and Medicaid), Ticket to Work and the employment network's responsibilities to help Social Security Disability Beneficiaries through the Vocational Rehabilitation process. In addition, Social Security Disability Beneficiaries will be given the opportunity to information on connecting with a Community Work Incentive Counselor, which starts the process of giving each beneficiary an informed choice concerning pursuing employment. Customers and potential customers, all Social Security beneficiaries, and community partners are encouraged to attend.

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From our F.A.M.I.L.Y. to Yours - Creating a Financial Blueprint for Autism

A real-life, step-by-step guide to help families living with Autism navigate the future. Greg uses practical knowledge based on his own son's diagnosis in 1996. Raising a child with autism presents extraordinary circumstances that require specific attention in order to design a plan that exclusively suits each family. Look back at the Zibricky Family's achievements, their miss-steps, what's coming up in the near future, and their long-range plan.

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Lifelong Learning Consulting

Providing continuing education alternatives for students with special needs. We are private fee based consulting group, which assist in facilitating the movement of students with special needs to a supportive post high school program.

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Work Incentives Planning and Assistance-Taking the next step on your Employment Journey!

This presentation will give the viewer a comprehensive understanding of the transitions program at Rebecca School and how this program promotes thinking, communicating and relating for success of our students as they transitions into adulthood.

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