Food Matters for Autism – Learn WHY and HOW

Julie Matthews

Date: April 10, 2011

Time: 1:00pm Pacific Time

Topic: Food Matters for Autism – Learn WHY and HOW

Speaker: Julie Matthews

Description: Autism’s greatest secret is that those with autism can get better, and even fully recover from the disorder; their physical and cognitive health can improve when specialized attention is given to the foods they consume. Children with autism typically have food sensitivities that need to be addressed, and their bodies have a difficult time digesting particular substances – so attention to diet is crucial.

Parents and physicians can learn that making strategic/calculated food choices can help children’s bodies heal, and that following a specific healing diet leads to improved health and a reduction of the symptoms of autism. Most people with autism benefit when following a healing diet.

Julie Matthews is an autism nutrition expert, conference educator, and award-winning author who inspires hope and healing. In this presentation you will:

• Understand that autism is whole-body disorder – that body, brain, and behavior are connected

• Realize how food intake affects the symptoms of children with autism

• Know which food omissions and additions are most imperative

• Learn which dietary strategies are effective for autism

• Become empowered to get started on a healing path

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