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DIR/Floortime: It’s Use at Home and School

DIR/Floortime is a comprehensive program helping autism sufferers discover the world and develop their skills in a social environment. It is highly important that all the people interacting with the autistic (family, teachers, doctors, etc.) take part in this program. Learn how to involve your child in such a program and discover its benefits on the long run.


Speaker: Dr Joshua Feder

Dr Joshua Feder
Dr. Joshua Feder

Dr Joshua Feder specializes in neurobehavioral medicine, applying DIR®/Floortime with families and in schools. He does research, teaches, consults, and hosts support groups for professionals and families.  Dr Feder sits on the BRIDGE (Bond Regulate Interact Develop Guide Engage) Collaborative, a community-wide effort for early identification and intervention in San Diego County.

He serves as medical education director for the Rady Children’s Hospital Autism Research Workgroup, and has served on the Autism Committee and on the Medications and Autism panel of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Dr Feder reviews grants for the Organization for Autism Research and the National Foundation for Autism Research and is a commentator on ValeriesList, a web-based information service for autism and related disorders.

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