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In the next few days we’ll be posting the conference agenda with the topic descriptions and the schedule.

Below is a tentative schedule for April 13-14, all times are in Pacific Standard Time US. We will be posting up links to convert to your timezone shortly.

[the_conference_schedule year=”2013″ style=”details” include_times=”true” schedule=”5″]



3 replies on “Welcome To The Conference Home Page”

I understand that you have decided non to give the opportunity to see the webinar afterwards. I can see reasons for this.
But this also means to treat badly the international participants that very likely due to the time difference will have troubles to
follow live the conference.
Would it be possible to have the seminar retransmitted just for some hours (16 hours for instance) or just one day. This would be beneficial to all your international fond and loyal participant…..
and more fair.

I would like to know the updates about the timings in AbuDhabi and the course schedule as mentioned. Next step to be taken for attending the conference since i ve registerd and got onluy one confirmation mail.

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