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Autism: Many Causes, Many Treatments : A multi-Treatment Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism

Choosing between the numerous autism treatments the ones suitable for your child can be quite difficult. Learn how to design your own program, how to choose the most suitable therapies for your child and how to mix them in the best multi-treatment intervention from a specialist.


Today in the field of autism there are hundreds of treatment options, dozens of different theories, and thousands of organizations, centers, and professionals offering to help. While there is more hope than ever, families and professionals are faced with an overwhelming number of options which are often diametrically opposed. Which treatments are best for a particular child? How can you begin to sort through the choices? Jonathan Alderson specializes in merging best-practice strategies and techniques into cohesive customized Multi-Treatment Interventions. In this brief presentation he will share his insights into how to effectively combine treatments paying specific attention to phases of development, the order and timing of treatments.

Speaker: Jonathan Alderson

Jonathan Alderson

Jonathan Alderson is an autism treatment specialist working in private practice in Toronto. He specializes in merging educational and biomedical treatments through an integrated model he has developed called Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention (IMTI). Alderson holds a Masters degree in Education from Harvard University and completed an Honours BA in developmental and educational psychology at the University of Western Ontario. He spent a year at the Sorbonne in Paris. Alderson worked for eight years at the Son-Rise Program in Massachussetts, completing over 1500 hours of one-on-one floor time as well as acting as Administrator and directing staff training. He has worked with over 2000 families, supervising home based intervention in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Australia, Israel and Mexico. Alderson has spoken at several international venues, including the Royal College of Pediatricians, University of Nottingham and is a guest speaker for the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation. Please find more information at

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What are the prerequesites? Is there a battery of tests that could more accurately determine appropriateness and applicability of individual interventions as well as their combinations? I assume that an initial diagnosis will have to be undertaken to determine causes first so as to ensure effectiveness and appropriateness of interventions that will be introduced…

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