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Surviving the Holidays with Special Needs

Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time: 6pm Pacific (9 PM Eastern)

Speaker: Kim Stagliano

Kim Stagliano
Kim Stagliano

If you have a special needs child, the holidays can be stressful. Kim Stagliano will speak about how you can make your holiday a little less stressful. Here are some of the topics she will discuss:

  • Holidays and special needs
  • Religious participation
  • Foods for the holidays and special diets
  • Buying the same Elmo or Thomas the Tank Engine toys every year – and the sadness that can bring
  • Favorite traditions
  • How the economy has affected the holidays for American families
  • Memories you like to share with your own kids
  • Dealing with relatives who don’t respect your child’s needs
Please have your questions ready.


Hi, I’m Kim Stagliano, wife, Mom, writer and tired. My husband and I have three gorgeous girls – who have autism. Kind of impossible, considering autism affects boys 4:1 over girls. Mark and I have learned that impossible is often inescapable though.

I’m Managing Editor of, the nation’s first daily web newspaper about the autism epidemic. I write for The Huffington Post, The Debutante Ball, The Dallas Morning News Moms Blog and am on the editorial staff of the Autism File Magazine. I speak at national autism conferences, and have appeared on Good Morning America (with the kids!), ABC News, Fox News, in The Chicago Tribune, The National Catholic Register, and on blogs around the world. Mark and I live in CT with Mia, Gianna and Bella.

Free Autism Webinars Each Month

How to be an Advocate for Your Child

Date: Wednesday September 29th, 2010

Time: 6PM

Speaker: Areva Martin, Attorney at Law

Areva Martin

Nationally recognized expert on autism advocacy Areva Martin shares her hard-won knowledge as a parent of an autistic child and an individual rights attorney. In The Everyday Advocate, she lays out vital and relevant step-by-step instructions to parents facing the seemingly impossible odds of advocating for a child with autism.

Parents need to become activists for their children’s rights to services and learn how to safeguard those rights-both in school and in the larger outside world. An invaluable resource, The Everyday Advocate offers practical, real-world actions that work, lists helpful websites and organizations, and gives parents and caregivers the emotional support they need as they face the challenge of successfully standing up for children with special needs.

Bio of Ms. Areva Martin

Known to audiences across the country from her regular appearances on The Dr. Phil Show, as well as CBS The Early Show, The Doctors, and various Fox News programs, Areva Martin is a quotable authority on workplace, disability rights, education, custody and women’s issues. Areva is also an accomplished and multi-award winning attorney,
syndicated columnist, author and public speaker who has also been featured on the pages of publications ranging from the New York Times to Ebony Magazine to Redbook and the LA Times.

The founding and managing partner of Martin & Martin, LLP, Areva was selected as one of Los Angeles’ Top Attorneys by LA Focus. In addition to being a sought after legal expert, Areva is also an inspiring author. Her second book, The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up for Your Child with Autism was released by Penguin books in April of this year. What critics are calling the most comprehensive and compelling book to date addressing the issues of the special needs community and the importance of advocacy in this country, The Everyday Advocate is an Amazon best seller.

Free Autism Webinars Each Month

This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Knowledge

Get the Top Autism Speakers in The World

All Under The Tree

Webinar Speaker Series Happy Holidays, I wanted to be brief and mention we still have copies available of our Virtual Autism Conference Series. It’s the perfect last minute holiday gift for families looking for solutions and helpful hints. This gift package comes with 15 of the top autism speakers in the world all on CD plus professionally printed transcripts so you can take notes and highlight for future reference. Also in the package is the audio presentation from Dr. Temple Grandin and 14 other top speakers. In their presentations there is helpful information you or the family who receives your gift can use right away.

Top Questions Answered

  • What Are the Diet Choices You Should Make?
  • How To Potty Train a Child on The Spectrum
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Child IEPs Plus Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to hire one-to-one care providers, tips to pick the best
  • How To Manage Challenging Behaviors
  • How Occupational Therapy can Improve Learning and Behavior
  • Floortime and how it can help your child

Powerful Topics Covered In the Package:

  • Teaching Through Specific Examples by Temple Grandin, Ph.D
  • Augmenting Communication Expanding Communication by Darlene Hanson
  • DIR/Floortime by Dr. Joshua Feder
  • Special Education / Advocating for your Child / IEP by Mark Woodsmall
  • Proactive Tools to Manage Challenging Behaviors of Children with Autism by Andrea Macken, M.A., B.C.B.A.
  • How To Start Biomedical Intervention by Rebecca Estepp
  • A “Stranger” Among Us: Successful hiring of quality one-to-one providers for children or young adults with ASD by Lisa Lieberman
  • Meaning Deafness, Meaning Blindness, Body Disconnectedness; Agnosias in the Context of Autism by Donna Williams, Dip Ed, BA Hons
  • Learning With Autism:  A Personal Viewpoint by Chantal and Jeremy Sicile-Kira
  • Too Many Choices! How to Design a Multi-Treatment Approach to Educating and Supporting Children with Autism by Jonathan Alderson
  • Neurologic Music Therapy:  Rhythmic Applications for Autism by Peggy Schaefer
  • Absolutely Your Child Can Be Toilet Trained! A Revolutionary Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Special Needs by Debbie Bialer
  • Augmenting Communication Expanding Communication by Darlene Hanson
  • Facilitating Social Thinking Across the Day by Stephanie Madrigal
  • The role of Occupational Therapy in improving learning and behavior by Shannon Schlotman
  • Starting the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet by Moira Giammatteo

Testimonials from Families

The conference was GREAT!!!  Thank You I would have never been able to afford to attend this type of seminar. … The knowledge was a true gift to me. Thank You again, I have learned a lot.

It was fabulous!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I liked how informative it was.  I liked the variety of the speakers.  I liked hearing from people who have been diagnosed with ADS who have been successful contributors to life.  It gave me hope.

I sent this link to all of the parents in our program – almost 160 couples.  It is exciting to give them the opportunity to partake in a conference that they would likely not be able to attend.

I loved listening to Temple Grandin.  She is so inspirational.  I value her insights into her own actions and thought processes.  She provided answers to questions that I wish my son could answer for himself.

Congratulations on a job well done.  This is the type of program that can serve the autism community well.

I love the variety of subjects you covered.  I loved the speakers I listened to.

As you can see from the feedback, the presentations in this package were remarkable! Find out how you can get this gift in time for the holidays.

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When you order your copy it will help raise the funds it needs to produce next year’s conference in April and helps to produce our monthly webinar series. So help us continue to serve the autism community by picking up your copy today.

Here is what you get

  • 15 Professionally edited Audio CD’s of all conference speakers. (Just pop it in your CD Player)
  • Beautifully bound  manual of all transcripts (214 pages)Great for highlighting and making notes
  • CD of the digital copies of Conference Mp3 files and PDF file transcripts. Making it easy to copy to your ipod or share with other families.

Plus Get These 10 Extra Bonuses!

If you order today I’ll send you instant access to 10 free additional webinars. These are some of our best webinars given by top speakers packed full of information. You or the person you send this gift to can download these while they wait for the order to arrive.  You’ll get PDF file transcripts that you can print out plus mp3 audio files to send to your iPod of each webinar!

  • Autism 101 The Basics by Chantal Sicile-Kira
  • Autism Educational Therapies by Dr. Joann Lang
  • Effective IEP Strategies by Mark Woodsmall, Esq.
  • Casein and Gluten Free Diets by Betsy Hicks
  • Inclusion and Socialization by Rick Clemens
  • Marriage and Autism, What you need to know by Dr. Robert Naseef
  • Sensory Integration Therapy by Chantal Sicile-Kira
  • Autism and Insurance, What you need to know by Lorri Unumb
  • Aspsergers, What you need to know by Brian King
  • Creating Meaningful Holidays with Children on the Autism Spectrum by Lisa Lieberman

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Free Autism Webinars Each Month

From Disability to Possibility: The Power of Inclusion

Time: 6PM

Topic: From Disability to Possibility: The Power of Inclusion

Speaker: Patrick Schwarz, Ph.D.

Virtual Autism Conference

Moms Fighting Autism Schedules 4 new Webinars

Irvine, CA October 3, 2009 —, a social network that connects moms of children with autism on the internet, will host a new series of free webinars beginning on Tuesday, October 20th from 6:00 to 8:00 PST, with guest speaker Dr. Cathy Pratt, Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, and Chair of the Board for the National Autism Society of America. Dr. Pratt’s topic is “Practical Suggestions for Challenging Behaviors.”

Those who register at can post the questions they would like to see answered.

In this time of economic hardships, continues to provide free advice from experts to help parents,” explained Chantal Sicile-Kira, author of Autism Life Skills and moderator for the webinars. “Webinars are a great way for the parent who feels isolated or cannot make it to conferences to stay connected and ask the questions they would like answered.”

Other speakers scheduled include:

Dr. Patrick Schwartz, on the topic “From Disability to Possibility: The Power of Inclusive Classrooms,” on Monday, November 30.

Dr. Esther Hess, on the topic “Autism and The Holidays: Lessening the stress and the expectations, while maximizing the enjoyment,” on Wednesday December 16.

Ann Palmer on the topic “Succeeding in College with Autism or Asperger Syndrome,” on Monday January 11, 2010.

These webinars are a part of an interactive series that Ernest Priestly, founder of, has been providing over the past year. Listeners on the webinars are able to post a question live while the speaker is presenting. “This interactivity always brings out more in the speaker and the moderator,” said Ernest, “It helps those who are listening, and searching for answers, get the information they really want and need.”