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Date: Saturday April 13th – Sunday April 14th,  2013

Cost: Free

Where: Online at

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No need to travel or pay, just use your computer or phone to participate in our 4th Annual Online Autism Conference April 13th-April 14th. Most important its free for all! Please mark your calendars. We will have 10 speakers who will bring you the latest information on autism therapies, treatments and information to improve the lives of families who live on the spectrum.

Conference Schedule at a Glance

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Registration Is Now Open, view the conference agenda and webinar times.

Speaker Bios

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39 replies on “Free Conference Registration”

Im wondering who the experts are that will be speaking and what the topics will consist of. Thank you

I hope it will be recorded and there will be the possibility to listen to the seminars for few days as it was in a past edition I followed. This feature is extremely useful.
Thanks for organizing this conference.

I had an email that took me to this page of which I wanted to sign up for the webinar. The issue is that I do not see a way to register for the event nor do I see details about the 10 speakers that will present.

I am wanting some information regarding the webinar for April 13-14. I don’t see a specific place to register but maybe I am overlooking something. I have several parents and myself that would love to be a part of the training. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

The hours of the conference are from 8am Pacific Time US to 5:30PM Pacific Time US. We will be posting a conference agenda later this week.

Robert, we will open up registration Wednesday. Also I just listed some of the speakers who will be presenting. We have more that coming but haven’t scheduled them in just yet. Its best to check back to this page occasionally and lookout for our emails.

I tried to register and there was a message saying: Mailing List Not Active. I was instructed to notify the administrator of the website. Are you able to register me?

When I tried to register this morning on the site,I could not do so… I received an error message saying the Mailing List was not active and to notify you.
I’d love to register….Brenda Lowell

I adopted my autistic granddaughter when she was 3. She is now. Has been doing much better since we moved to Las Vegas and got her into some good programs and a school with a special class for autistic children. Lately, however, she has been showing some sudden violent behaviors that make us wonder if she is also bi-polar. She can have an awesome day, then without warning go into a rage where she is screaming and throwing things. If there is a trigger at all, it’s usually something so insignificant (at least to us) that it doesn’t seem reasonable to react in such a manner. Can a child have both disorders? We try to limit Leah to GG/DF/SF FOODS, and watch for artificial colors, flavors, preservatives too. Also sugar. We use stevia for sweeting. But she steals the wrong foods from other children at school when she can. Is the source for dealing with something like this?

this one is really good opportunity to get more knowledge in autism as a therapist and i would love to be a part of this training thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity

It will be appreciated if i could get the soft copy of the presentations via my e-mail address. Many thanks to the organizers of the conference

So just confirming that the conference for those of us in the Melbourne Australia time zone the conference will start on Sunday, 14 April 2013 at 1:00:00 AM ? Thanks Leesa

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