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New! Access the Conference From Your Smart Phone

Use the browser on your smart phone or tablet and get our free app: ← works with your cell phone only

Or point your phone’s camera to the QR code on the left.

Compatible: iPad, iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry Torch.

Our app allows you to view speaker bios, session descriptions, listen to session audio while on the go.


  • Trying to download the app and having no luck. Have a 3G iPhone. Is this compatible?

  • Let me check with an associate who has an 3G iPhone and have him try it.

  • This is weird, I had him try it and its fine. Did you see the video I did on how the app works. I posted it on the conference blog.

  • I try to down load the app I don’t see too mucho just blue screen

  • Do you have an iPhone or Android phone?

  • I have tried to get the app, but I could not find it even I have iphone 4G.

  • This is a web based app. So all you have to do is go to and that will load up the app and you should have a screen with 4 icons at the bottom of the phone.

  • I have had no luck getting the App on my IPhone 4. Any suggestions?

  • Its a web enabled app so you use your web browser to access it. I have an iPhone4 as well.

  • it doesn’t appear to be a true app. You have to use the web browser to get it and stay in it. A true App would have an icon and program on the phone, the icon to clik on to start the program(application). I’m disappointed in this method, but if I can use it I will.

  • Thats correct. We will convert to a true app when we finally finalize the schedule.

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