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Autism 101: the Basics
Chantal Sicile-Kira
Autism 101 with Chantal Sicile-Kira covers ASD diagnosis, applied behavior analysis, social interaction, occupational therapy, organizational skills, practical tips.
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Educational Therapies
Dr. Mary Joann Lang
Educational Therapies with Dr. Mary Joann Lang covers applied behavior analysis, speech therapy assistive technology, art, music, pet therapy.
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Effective IEP Strategies
Mark Woodsmall
Effective IEP Strategies with Mark Woodsmall, Esq, covers the IEP process, assessments, FAPE, mediation, the IEP team meeting, IDEA.
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Casein and Gluten Free Diet
Betsy Hicks
Casein and Gluten Free Diet with Betsy Hicks covers the benefits of diets for children with autism, healthy eating, recipes.
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Inclusion and Socialization in School and Co
Rick Clemens
Inclusion and Socialization in School and Community with Rick Clemens covers inclusion of children with autism, social development, recreation.
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Marriage and Autism : What you need to know
Dr. Robert Naseef
Marriage and Autism with Dr. Robert Naseef covers effect of autism on the family, strengthening and maintaining your marriage.
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Sensory Integration Therapy
Chantal Sicile-Kira
Sensory Integration Therapy with Chantal Sicile-Kira covers sensory related problems in children and teenagers with autism, how to get help.
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Autism and Insurance : What You Need to Know
Lorri Unumb
Autism and Insurance with Lori Unumb covers Ryan�s law, insurance coverage for autism in different states, how to appeal denials.
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Asperger�s Syndrome
Brian King
Asperger�s Syndrome with Brian King covers sensory sensitivity, advocating in school, managing behavioral issues, difficulty focusing, positive aspects.
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How to Make Holidays Positive and Meaningful
Lisa Lieberman, MSW, LCSW
Making Holidays Positive with Children with Autism presented by Lisa Lieberman covers balancing family needs, redefining normal, communicating with family.
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A New Look at the Needs of Adults and Teens o
Michael John Carley
A New Look at the Needs of Adults and Teens on the Autism Spectrum : Obstacles faced and the Myths Surrounding their Capabilities
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Autism, Food Aversions, and Eating Challenges
Dr. Lori Ernsperger
Autism, Food Aversions, and Eating Challenges : Effective Answers that Help
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Applied Behavior Analysis: Its Use at Home an
Dawn Holman, Ph.D
Applied Behavioral Analysis is a proven and effective way of teaching children with autism.
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