Conference Replays

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Available Until Friday, April 27th

Dr. Carl Hilliar The Ability to Derive Meaning in the World For The Child With Autism
Eric Chessen Fitness for the Autism Population
Darlene Hanson Creating a Communicative Environment
Dr. Joshua Feder How Medications Can Help A Good Plan Work Better
Julie Matthews Food Matters for Autism – Learn WHY and HOW
Lindsey Biel Raising a Sensory Smart Child: Practical Solutions for Real- Life Challenges
Areva Martin The Special Education Puzzle
Nancy Brady Making Inclusion Work
Michelle Hardy The Influence of Rhythm on Movement in Autism based on a model of Cerebellar Dysfunction
Elaine Hall Using Creativity and Joy to Bring out the Best in Children with Autism
Beth Gallagher Customized Support ~ Designing supports that work, one person at a time
Dr. Lori Ernsperger Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Temple Grandin The Basics All Children Need to Learn
Dr. Joshua Feder DIR/Floortime
Andrea Macken Proactive Tools to Manage Challenging Behaviors of Children with Autism
Mark Woodsmall Special Education/Advocating for your Child/IEP
Lisa Lieberman Finding Quality One-to-One Providers for a Child or Young Adult
Donna Williams Meaning Deafness, Meaning Blindness, Body Disconnectedness; Agnosias in the Context of Autism
Jonathan Alderson Too Many Choices! How to Design a Multi-Treatment Approach to Educating and Supporting Children with Autism
Peggy Schaefer Neurologic Music Therapy: Rhythmic Applications for Autism
Debbie Bialer Absolutely Your Child Can Be Toilet Trained!
Darlene Hanson Augmenting Communication… Expanding Communication
Shannon Schlotman The role of Occupational Therapy in improving learning and behavior
Moira Giammatteo Starting the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet
Dennis Debbaudt Preparing for that Autism Emergency
Dr. Joshua Feder Broad Spectrum ASD: What’s the diagnosis? What should we do?
Kim Stagliano Strategies for Living and Bullying
Kathleen Bolduc Autism & Alleluias: Finding God in a Child’s Autism
Dr. Carl Hilliar Mirror Neurons, Embodied Cognition and Vision: New Discoveries And New Thinking Regarding The Role Vision Plays In Autism
Eric Chessen Why Fitness is Vital For The ASD Population
Shannon Schlotman The Impact of Sensory Processing on Behavior
Lisa Lieberman Tools for Navigating the Emotional Journey: Parenting Children with Autism
Dr Jerry Kartzinel The Pressure Cooker-How To Manage Ongoing Stress of ASD

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