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The Influence of Rhythm on Movement in Autism based on a model of Cerebellar Dysfunction –

The Influence of Rhythm on Movement in Autism based on a model of Cerebellar Dysfunction

The concept of movement differences in autism is quite controversial; however, research evidence is growing in favor of this theory. This presenter will review movement abnormalities in autism as they relate to cerebellar deficits and will look at the use of rhythm within a Neurologic Music Therapy paradigm to influence movement in persons with autism.

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Michelle Hardy
Michelle Hardy is a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Fellow of the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, and a Master's Candidate at Colorado State University. She is the program director for Kris' Camp, an intensive therapy camp for children with autism and their families, and founded the Arizona branch of Kris' Camp in 2002. Michelle currently has a private practice in San Diego serving persons with autism and sensory integration dysfunction. Prior to relocating to San Diego in 2010, Michelle worked in a variety of locations providing individual and group therapy sessions to children and adults with autism, developmental disabilities, and other neurological impairments in home-based, clinic, and educational settings. These positions included Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona for a total of 8 years, Summit Music Therapy Services in Colorado for 2 years, and LaFourche Parish Schools in Louisiana for 3 years. Michelle received her bachelor's degree in music therapy from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1995.

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