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Six Unexpected Ways to Increase Your Child’s Learning –

Six Unexpected Ways to Increase Your Child’s Learning

When most people hear words such as “learning,” “smart,” or “memory,” they automatically think of the brain. Results from brain research indicate that learning cannot occur without cooperation between the body and the brain. Parents of children on the autism spectrum are already aware of the influence that the sensory environment has on their child’s abilities to participate in academic tasks. Dr. Kari Miller, a board-certified educational therapist, will share with parents the research that points to the neurochemical basis underlying academic behavior and how parents can maintain optimum learning conditions at home and at school. She will discuss the effects on learning of these six factors: Emotions and Stress, Motivation and Inspiration, Social Influences, Movement, the Body’s Natural Rhythms and Preferences and Physical environments.

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Dr. Kari Miller
Dr. Kari Miller is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and Director of Miller Educational Excellence, an educational therapy center in Los Angeles. She began her career almost twenty-five years ago as a special education resource teacher. She has worked with students in a vast array of capacities, including special education teacher and educational therapist. Dr. Miller has a PhD in Educational Psychology and Mathematical Statistics, a master’s degree in Learning Disabilities, Reading Remediation, Gifted Education and Educational Diagnosis, and a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Behavior Disorders. She hosts her own blogtalk radio show, Special Kid School Talk, and is a subject-matter expert for, Parenting Special Needs Magazine,, and Website:

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