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Presentation Title: Fitness for the Autism Population –

Presentation Title: Fitness for the Autism Population

This presentation will focus on the importance of physical fitness for the Autism/ASD population, what fitness is, and how to achieve it. There is a great deficit in fitness information for the autism and special needs population. This lecture will dispel misinformation and provide a fresh new look at exercise and physical wellness. Main topics will include; The myth of fitness, Fitness vs. Sports, A new model of Physical Education, Goal planning for short- and long-term success, and using the PAC Profile for optimal results.

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Eric Chessen
Eric Chessen, M.S., is the Founder of Autism Fitness, the leading source of fitness information and programming for the ASD population. An exercise physiologist with extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis and Best Practices approaches for teaching and behavior support, Eric works with his athletes, consults, and presents around the U.S. and internationally. Eric is the creator of the PAC Profile Assessment Toolbox, the first physical screening program that incorporates behavioral and cognitive aspects.

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