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Learning With Autism: A Personal Viewpoint –

Learning With Autism: A Personal Viewpoint

Jeremy has experienced home schooling, special education, general education and many different types of therapies in California, France and the UK, and has clear opinions about what has been helpful – and what has not – to someone like him. Jeremy gives his perspective and advice to those on the giving end of the therapy (parents) and those on the receiving end (children and teens). Chantal will provide the parent perspective.

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Chantal and Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Jeremy Sicile-Kira “Inspiring….touching… articulate……sensitive…,” these are the words many now use to describe Jeremy Sicile-Kira, who was born in 1989 and diagnosed severely autistic as well as mentally retarded. His mother was told to find a good institution for him. Many years later, Jeremy passed the California High School Exit Exam on his first try, and is graduating from high school in June 2010 with a full academic diploma and currently has a GPA of 3.5. He is heading to a good institution - it’s called “college.” Passionate about creating more understanding about people who are differently-abled, Jeremy writes a column in the Torrey Pines High School newspaper, The Falconer, entitled “Life As I See It.” Jeremy’s articles have been published in The Autism File and the Autism-Asperger Digest.

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