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Facilitating Social Thinking Across the Day –

Facilitating Social Thinking Across the Day

This talk is designed for parents and professionals alike to understand the inner mind of persons high on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS or high-functioning autism), ADHD, nonverbal learning disability (NLD or NVLD) or have no working diagnosis but they fit the clinical picture! Participants will learn not only functional treatment strategies they can use both at school and at home, but they will also better understand why these students react and respond the way they do.The ILAUGH model of Social Cognition will be introduced which helps to demonstrate how social processing difficulties impact not only social skills but also the ability to work as part of a group and focus on specific academic tasks such as written expression, reading comprehension and organizational skills for many of our students.

Do you want this autism talk? You can download it with 110 other presentations by becoming a member of the Spectrum Gold Club.

Stephanie Madrigal
Stephanie Madrigal is a speech-language pathologist who has worked alongside Michelle Garcia Winner for over 10 years at the Social Thinking Clinic in San Jose, CA. She conducts social thinking groups with clients of all ages and she conducts local and national trainings and workshops to parents and educators on the areas related to social thinking. She is also creator and author of, Superflex, A Superhero, Social Thinking Curriculum, which has provide a motivating and fun backdrop for students explore their social thinking skills and their behavior. (

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