DIR/Floortime: Developmentally Appropriate Treatment for Developmental Problems

Dr. Tippy is the clinical director of the Rebecca School in NYC, which is the only exclusively DIR school in NY for the autistic, ages 5-21. He has worked extensively with the creator of DIR/Floortime Dr. Stanley Greenspan in developing the school, and has co-written a book with the late Dr Greenspan titled “Respecting Autism”; a revised edition is coming out soon.

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Dr. Gil Tippy
Dr. Tippy will demonstrate how a developmental way of thinking about and working with kids on the Autism Spectrum makes sense. Dr. Tippy will connect the world of early childhood development to the functional emotional developmental capacities in the DIR/Floortime model. Finally, Dr. Tippy will address questions about how the DIR/Floortime model manages the same issues that other models manage.

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