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Creating a Communicative Environment –

Creating a Communicative Environment

Everyone communicates� we just have to listen! This session will talk about how we as communication partners can create materials, displays, opportunities, and an environment that promotes communication for those with severe communication impairments. We will talk about how we might move beyond �making requests� to taking turns, sharing ideas, and
Darlene Hanson, MA, CCC connecting with others.

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Darlene Hanson
Darlene is a speech and language specialist with an expertise in working with individuals with severe communication impairments. She is the 11:00 am-12:30 pm Director of Communication Services with WAPADH, in the Los Angeles Pacific area. Darlene has been working in this field for 22 years. Her work focuses on bringing alternate modes of communication to those who do not use speech to communicate effectively. Currently she is focusing on training the communication partners to increase the communication. At WAPADH they provide speech and language assessments, therapy, and training, as well as services related to Augmentative Communication. This is available to families as private clients and to school systems through the Non-Public Agency status. Trainings and coaching are available locally, throughout California, and out of state. You can read more on Darlene at Darlene received her Masters of Arts from Whittier College, and her Bachelors of Arts from Chapman College, both in Communication Disorders. She is also recognized as a Master Trainer in Facilitated Communication, and has participated in the writing of the Standards of Best Practice for Facilitated Communication from Syracuse University, and has co-authored research on authorship for Facilitated Communication.

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