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Autism Fitness: Making Physical Activity Fun for Anybody –

Autism Fitness: Making Physical Activity Fun for Anybody

This webinar presentation by Autism Fitness Founder Eric Chessen will focus on developing physical education and exercise programs for ASD and special needs populations. Through the unique lens of best practices approaches in both Exercise Science and education/behavior therapy, Eric will discuss the common myths and mistakes in providing fitness for individuals with autism, and how educators, professionals, and parents can develop ideal, individualized programs in the home, classroom, or fitness center. Eric will discuss the Autism Fitness PAC Profile approach to assessing ability, goal-planning, and making physical activity fun for anybody.

Do you want this autism talk? You can download it with 110 other presentations by becoming a member of the Spectrum Gold Club.

Eric Chessen, M.S., YCS
Eric Chessen, M.S., YCS, is an Exercise Physiologist and the Founder of Autism Fitness. In addition to working with his young athletes on the autism spectrum, Eric consults with educational and therapeutic programs around the world. He presents workshops and his own Autism Fitness Initiative seminars for parents, educators, and professionals seeking to optimize the health and development of individuals with special needs. He lives in New York and can be contacted via his site:

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