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Autism Educational Therapies –

Autism Educational Therapies

Different therapies used in the educational setting are discussed in this webinar including applied behavior analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training. Assistive technology, home-schooling, curriculum, self-stimulatory behaviors, the importance of sibling groups, the need for respite for the parents are also explored. Other therapies such as pet therapy, yoga, music therapy, art therapy, and hippo-therapy are discussed as helpful adjuncts to more traditional education.

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Dr. Mary Joann Lang
Dr. Mary Joann Lang is the founder of the Beacon Day School for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Orange County, California. Dr. Lang has been involved in the care of children for over 25 years and has been a licensed and practicing psychologist in the area of neuropsychlogy since 1991. Dr. Lang opened the Beacon Day School in June 2004 in order to provide an interdisciplinary education to students on the spectrum from age 5 to 22. To maximize development, the school integrates educational services, behavioral management and therapy to help the students master the academic and vocational skills needed for independent living. Beacon utilizes a transdisciplinary approach based on a sound theoretical framework. The school relies on evidence-based education, integrating the professional wisdom of our highly experienced staff with the best available empirical evidence available to make the best decisions about the delivery of instruction.

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