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Do you need more in-depth knowledge
of autism?

Do you feel that you're not being a good enough therapist, teacher or care provider to someone with autism?
Do you wish you knew more about autism treatments to better support someone with autism?

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Join our exclusive club membership program Spectrum Gold Club and we will help you with your most challenging children with autism. We give you the tips and techniques to help you.

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Each month you will access our vast library of 110 autism webinars. After each webinar you'll get a better understanding of your most difficult autism clients. Learn tips and techniques from expert therapists, educators and caregivers. As a member of the Spectrum Gold Club you can download all the mp3 and transcripts of each lesson.
When we schedule live webinars you will have first dibs at asking your questions first. The speaker will directly answer your question. You will receive a transcript and mp3 of the webinar.
When we have a conference you'll get up 50% discount on the proceedings and get preferred access.

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    Member Testimonials

    "You touched on so many areas that the puzzle began to seem whole."
    "Congratulations on a job well done. This is the type of program that can serve the autism community well."
    "So, for you to have Temple, in an environment that she likes, that can be accessible for all of us, HOT DOG. Sign me up, everytime."
    "I sent this link to all of the parents in our program - almost 160 couples. It is exciting to give them the opportunity to partake in a conference that they would likely not be able to attend."

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